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Clutch Cargo Cartoon Characters Autographed Photo

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Yes! I knew you were a Clutch Cargo fan! You have great taste! You know that Clutch Cargo is an animated-serialized-adventure comic strip that premiered March 9th, 1959. There are 260 episodes and I get bragging rights because I was the voice of Clutch's little kid pal, Spinner, and oft times the little tag-a-long pooch, Paddlefoot, along with all the other female and kid characters and various animals.

(Alas, I didn't get a chance to speak for little Tinker Bell when I was cavorting on the Disney sound stage before the cameras as the actor/dancer/model for the little sprite. You remember. She didn't speak in the Disney film, Peter Pan.)

Radio actor Richard Cotting was Clutch's voice and the famous voice-over actor, Hal Smith (Otis, the loveable drunk on Andy of Mayberry TV series) was Swampy along with every other character voice I wasn't doing.

Many of you grew up with Clutch Cargo as part of your after-school TV watching. Well, maybe not YOU, but perhaps your parents did. The show features rather static artwork with real human lips superimposed for the dialogue using Mr. Ed Gillette's Synchrovox System. Yes, those are my personal lips with different lip make-up for each character (except the dog). Just think, my lips have been viewed by audiences for over 26 years that the show aired! Wow!

Conan O'Brien loved the cartoon so much that he often uses the Clutch Cargo technique with videotape magic on his late night show. Where else are you going to find information like this? Where else are you going to be able to purchase any memorabilia of Clutch and his friends? Only here, folks. Enjoy!

For more fun, at the top of the photo, I hand write a message that is the signature line from the show for Spinner: "Gee, what'll we do now, Clutch?" And I personally sign my name in this fashion: Margaret "LIPS" Kerry.

Adventure HO!

A certificate of authenticity and a copy of this story will be included when you receive your signed photo.

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