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Tinker Bell: The Story Behind The Pixie Dust DVD (Also Available Autographed)

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This is a brand-new 45 minute DVD entitled, Tinker Bell: The Story Behind the Pixie Dust. It was produced and directed by my friend, Jerry Cornell of Theme Parkology. The music was created by talented musician, James Presley, of Jiminy's Limited Editions. My friend, Linda Swisher, assisted in the editing, and Michael Aronson of Lost Boys Design Studio did the cover artwork. How lucky am I to have such dear, talented friends!

The DVD tells the history of Tinker Bell from her beginning as a spot of light in James M. Barrie's 1904 play, Peter Pan (or The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up) to Disney's animated interpretation in the 1953 film, Peter Pan, through today. It is quite wonderful, if I do say so myself! There is lots of information on this DVD and it, hopefully, answers many questions that you may have had about Tinker Bell.  I am the primary storyteller on the DVD, and you know, I always have a lot to say.!!

There is an added bonus on the DVD which you will have to see for yourself when you buy the DVD.

PLEASE NOTE: We also have this DVD in PAL format for the countries who require it. We only have signed versions in the PAL format right now, so they retail at $34.95. Please select the correct options and the total should come out accordingly. Unsigned DVD's / PAL's are $19.95 & the signed versions of either are $34.95. Please contact us with any questions. Thank you

If you are a true Tinker Bell lover, then this is a collector's must have!!!!!

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