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Autographed 1st Ed.Book Tinker Bell: An Evolution Signed By Mindy Johnson and Margaret Kerry

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This is a truly wonderful, 1st edition book written by the talented Mindy Johnson who did a fabulous research job on this biographical book that she wrote about Tinker Bell entitled: Tinker Bell: An Evolution. I know she spent at least eight years researching the information for this book. Her hard work certainly paid off. Designed in collaboration with the Animation Research library, it contains artwork that has never been seen before.  The book is highly detailed with numerous illustrations. To make it even more special, John Lasseter wrote the foreward for the book. I am proud to said that I am included in the book as well, since I was the live action reference model for Tinker Bell for Disney's classic film, Peter Pan.

To make this book even more special, the book has been signed by Mindy Johnson as well as myself, Margaret Kerry. Mindy and I both signed it on the title page. Mindy wrote, "Keep Believing" and then her name, Mindy Johnson. I signed it in two different places- on the title page and on page 113 where it is talking about my role as the live action reference model. I signed "Tinker Bell" and then my name- "Margaret Kerry"- in both places.  These are all original signatures, not copies. You will also receive a Tinker Bell: An Evolution bookmark as well.
PLEASE NOTE: The paper book cover has minor crinkling (with less than an 1/8" tear, barely visible upon inspection) in top left, inside corner. Hardcover book in MINT condition. It is barely noticeable and we have included photos.

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How did Tinker Bell get her name? In J. M. Barrie's original version of the play "Peter Pan,"the little sprites name was Tippytoe, and she had speaking lines. But over time, Barrie decided that the fairy's expressions would be best voiced by musical chimes. During the early 1900s, vagabonds known as tinkers traveled from town to town, performing jack-of-all-trade repair services. Their arrival was hailed by the jingling of bells fashioned from tin that they mounted on their wagons. One of these "tinker bells" was used to give Peter's fairy friend her voice in the original stage production, and the name stuck. Now, more than a hundred years later, it is difficult to believe that this popular pixie began as a circle of lamplight, reflected in a mirror controlled by a stage hand behind the curtains. She is now the center of a major Disney franchise, she flies through the skies in Orlando and Anaheim introducing the nightly fireworks displays, and she opens every Walt Disney Pictures film with a sprinkling of pixie dust. Tinker Bell: An Evolution is a full biography of the fiery little fairy. Designed in collaboration with the Animation Research library, it contains artwork that has never been seen before. The book is heavily illustrated, highly detailed, and will make the perfect gift for every grown-up who believes in fairies.

Product Identifiers
ISBN-10 1423172019
ISBN-13 9781423172017
Key Details
Author Melinda Johnson, Mindy Johnson
Number Of Pages 192 pages
Series Disney Editions Deluxe (Film) Ser.
Format Hardcover
Publication Date 2013-10-08
Language English
Publisher Disney Press
Weight 44.4 Oz
Height 1 In.
Width 9.5 In.
Length 12.5 In.
Target Audience
Group Young Adult Audience
Grade From College Freshman
Grade To College Graduate Student
Age Range 18 - UP
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