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Wishing You Joy & Laughter Tinker Bell Autographed Photo

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This 8" x 10" glossy photo is what is known as a classic. Tinker Bell seated cross-legged on the child's wooden block is an image we carry in our hearts and in our memories. It brings a warm fuzzy feeling that is most pleasurable. We marvel at the ability of the artist to draw Tink's traditional likeness while she is having such a jolly time posing as his model. Amazing, I think.

This is one of the special images that reminds us of the time in 1953 when the film, Peter Pan, was released hoping to entertain audiences everywhere. And that's just what the film did, all around the world, much to the delight of Walt Disney and his brother Roy.

These incredible geniuses at Disney Studio had a beloved book and stage play that needed pruning to fit into a feature length film. That is a very difficult problem to solve. Since the beginning of the 1900s, when the James M. Barrie play Peter Pan and Wendy was produced, it was a magical hit. It was and is one of the best-known stories in the English-speaking world. The question of how to adapt it to fit onto the screen was a daunting and difficult task with no guarantees of success.

The massive project took over eight years to get to the screen including writing the script then rewriting it several times, hiring talent to record the dialogue track and talent to handle the live-action reference model assignments (that's where I came in). Music had to be written, arranged and recorded along with special sound effects. There was a staggering 500,000 pieces of artwork produced including character designs, background art, scenes sketched, drawn, animated, tested, redrawn, transferred to cels to be filmed - and assembled.

After all of these millions of decisions, don't you think that the haunting question was always in the back of the minds of the Disney brothers? Will it be a hit?

Well, it was a hit and still is. And that's how we have the captivating Tinker Bell bringing excitement and joy into lives. This star-sprinkled photo has a dark-red background that seems to let Tink pop right out at you. There is only one message that could add anything to this adorable, collectible picture. So, I had preprinted in the left hand lower corner (in my hand writing) "Wishing you joy and laughter!" Beneath those lines I add, "Tinker Bell."

Since 1953 it's been my delight to be able to say that I am the original Disney reference model for Tink so, I have signed my name (personal and original autograph) "Margaret Kerry".

The photo will come with a Certificate of Authenticity, also signed by me, guaranteeing for a lifetime the authenticity of the autograph, or a full refund would be made.

©Tinkerbelltalks.com, all rights reserved.

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