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Wanna Know A Secret ? Autographed Photo

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Do you know how Tinker Bell got her name? Many people don't and that is why I have included this darling photo. I have added a message at the bottom of the photo that explains how Tinker Bell got her name.

The message reads: "Pssst.... Wanna know a secret? Tinker Bell is two words because she is a tinker mending pots and pans in Neverland and her voice is like a bell." I have then signed the photo "Tinker Bell" then my name, "Margaret Kerry." I am entitled to do this since I was the original Disney reference model for Tinker Bell.

The photo is quite lovely in lavenders and yellow/golds. Tink is busy at work mending her pots and pans, which she loves to do. I know you will enjoy it! I guess now the secret is out. I never could keep a secret.

A Certificate of Authenticity and a copy of this story will be included when you receive your signed photo.

©Tinkerbelltalks.com, all rights reserved.

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