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Together We've Just Got To Twinkle Autographed Photo

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This is an exclusive 8" x 10" composite photo of mine (and a favorite). I have autographed it with the message, "Together - We've Just Got To Twinkle", then signed my name, "Margaret Kerry" and followed that by writing "Tinker Bell." Below I tell you more about my special thoughts on this photo.

Did you know that Tink originally started out as a brunette, like me, and then her hair color was changed to a redhead? In the Technicolor process, her red color did not ‘read well’ against the green foliage in Neverland so she (with no help from Miss Clairol) became a saucy blonde.

I started thinking about Tink’s original brunette color of hair when, looking through my personal albums, I came across an early photo showing my brunette hair. I thought perhaps people might like to see how much the Disney artists still fashion Tink after me! So I added her cute new portrait up in the corner.

This photo was shot in 1965 while I was a student at LA City College. It won an award for the photographer and was featured in the school’s newspaper. (It might be noted that I modeled for Tink in 1951-52.)

I believe the message “Together – We’ve Just Got To Twinkle!” is true. We DO twinkle so I sign my name to the sentiment along with Tink’s. I’d love to have you add this image to your collection...because then, in a way, our message on the photo would seem to expand to include YOU! 

The photo will come with a Certificate of Authenticity, also signed by me, and a lifetime guarantee on its authenticity or a full refund would be made.

©Tinkerbelltalks.com, all rights reserved.

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