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One Two Three It's Me! Tinker Bell Autographed Photo

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Could be that you are curious about what is written on this very special photo. This 8x10 glossy is much more than your standard picture. If you love Disney, love the film Peter Pan and really love Tinker Bell, this is for you. It's really impossible to read the text on the screen so I'm printing it out for you from the three paragraphs in the photo.

ONE (Under the "still" of me, Margaret Kerry, acting out the scene of Tinker Bell,
who's stuck in Wendy's dresser drawer. I'm falling backwards pretending
there's a spool of thread behind me!)

The petulant, temperamental character of Tinker Bell required a reference model with a dancer's grace. Margaret Kerry, a screen and TV actress with ballet training and the chassis of a pixie, was inspiration for Disney animators. She worked on an empty sound stage improvising scenes for the spunky sprite. Her acting in pantomime was filmed and this film was given to animators who then drew Tink in the style of Margaret.

TWO (This is a photo of Marc Davis, the legendary artist/animator who designed Disney's Tinker Bell. This is taken around 1952, when he directed me to act out Tink's scenes for the camera)

Marc Davis, a Disney Legend, created tiny Tinker Bell as well as Cruella De Vil, Young Bambi, Thumper, Cinderella. He imagineered the Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion. Marc directed Margaret by working with storyboards for Tink's actions. When satisfied with the scene, he would call "Print it" to the camera crew filming her work and Margaret's actions would become famous as Tinker Bell's actions.

THREE (And here is Tinker Bell falling backwards over the spool of thread with all
artistic enhancements like oodles of pixie dust and stars flying every where.)

Little Miss Tinker Bell, seen here drawn from this "live-action" work of Margaret Kerry, has become an international icon and has charmed millions.

One Two Three It's ME!

Waaayyy down in the right hand corner is a picture of me today. That's Tink looking on.

So, three historic photos and one contemporary photo of me. " Now, that's special! My personal handwritten signature Margaret Kerry is angled under my photo in the middle of the picture. Below Tinker Bell's photo, I hand write "Tinker Bell."

The text is history "the genius of Disney." Friends, I know you will love to have this very unique collectors piece that you can share with others to view, to read, then truly understand how MAGIC comes alive.

A certificate of authenticity and this story will be included when you receive your signed photo.

©Tinkerbelltalks.com, all rights reserved.

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