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Oh Pixie Piffle Tinker Bell Autographed Photo

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There are some moments in life that could be a lot better. In this 8" x 10" glossy photo, Tinker Bell, has one of those moments. Now, I carefully chose to use the word, moments, and not the word days, because you see, Tink lives in the very present moment. This explains a fact most everyone knows, fairies have extremely short attention spans. As a very close friend of mine says "Pixies have the attention span of a flash bulb."

In the book Peter and Wendy, written by Sir James M. Barrie, one can gather that the author agrees with that assessment. (For those who play trivia games: a reminder that Barrie wrote the Peter and Wendy stage play first and then a few years later wrote the book.) In both the play and the book he tells us that Tinker Bell is usually in fine fettle and in high spirits. However, she has her moments when she stamps her foot, makes a disagreeable face and refuses to budge.

Do you know one of the major irritations that sends our tiny dandiprat into a mighty temper tantrum? Well, it has to do with her name! For over a century now, people have been misspelling her name! Many times people have been writing, Tinkerbell. This is INCORRECT!

Tinker Bell is TWO words. Do you remember when the oily Captain James Hook captured the tiny pixie? With the manners of a highborn gentleman, he always calls her, Miss Bell. And that is perfectly correct because, you see, Bell is her last name. Of course she gets that name from speaking in her special way to Peter. Her voice has the sound of loveliest tinkle as of golden bells.

Now where did she get the strange first name? Even with the odd names that children are being given today, Tinker would be odder still. Well, Sir Barrie tells us that our little fairy friend has a special talent. She mends the pots and pans for Peter and the Lost Boys on the Island. That's right. She is a TINKER, hence her name, Tinker Bell.

So please, do be thoughtful of Tinker Bell's feelings and write her name correctly. Then, I'm sure she will have fewer moments when she is as grumpy (but adorable) as she is this photo. When you get this photo for your collection, I've added a bonus. I have personally hand written one of her favorite exclamations when she gets out-of-sorts, "Oh, Pixie Piffle!" Then I sign (in TWO words) "Tinker Bell." And since I am Disney's original reference, live-action model for my tiny friend, I personally sign, "Margaret Kerry" (in TWO words, too!).

A Certificate of Authenticity and a copy of this story will be included when you receive your signed photo.

©Tinkerbelltalks.com, all rights reserved.

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