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Marc Davis & Margaret Kerry Tinker Bell Autographed Photo

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This 8" x 10" image of Marc Davis comes from one of my early personal photo albums.

The autograph of Marc that I asked to be added to the photo is a bona fide copy of Marc’s distinctive signature. Of course, I sign each photo personally "Margaret Kerry" and then "Tinker Bell". It is my original signature, not a copy. There is no message to be written on the photo.....it is too iconic. However, when you receive this historical photo it will be accompanied by the story below about the photo shoot.

However, before I start the story of the photo, in case you didn't know, Marc directed me in scenes when I performed as the reference model for Tinker Bell at Disney Studios.  This photo is from several years later. There are many other photos of this particular meeting but I chose this picture to see the light of day because I thought perhaps those who know about Marc and his amazing career would love to have a scarce photo of this Disney Legend. Some of Marc's remarkable achievements include working on Disney's Snow WhiteBambi (for six years!), Cinderella (Marc designed and animated the scenes where she gets her ball gown -Walt Disney’s favorite scene), Alice in Wonderland, Princess Aurora and Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty, Cruella de Vil in 101 Dalmatians and, of course, I have left the best till last, Marc was the designer and director of Tinker Bell in the Disney film, Peter Pan.

Now, here's the story behind this photo.

I hadn’t seen Marc for several years....he had been working at WED (original name for Imagineering) designing attractions, (the Haunted Mansion for example) and I was working with voice over work and growing my three kids.....when Patricia, my very close friend, called about a chat she’d had with her writer friend about me being the reference model for Disney’s Tinker Bell.

That talented lady’s name was and is Libby Slate. Libby immediately declared that she wanted to write a story about Tink and me. True to her word the interview took place at the studio with their blessing.

You can imagine what a spine-tingling moment it was for me when I saw Marc coming through the Disney Archives door. He had put on some weight since I’d last seen him but his gentle and manly demeanor had not changed one whit.

There was, of course, small talk.... (hmm....I remember the banter almost verbatim). Then, after a satisfying interview with Libby about the reference modeling work and, also, how the love of Tink by Disney fans and collectors had grown to amazing numbers, I had a surprise. We began an extended photo shoot. Well, all those connected with the gathering that day thought the other had told me that the article Libby was writing was going to be published in the Disney Magazine along with the photos. As I like to say.....‘Be Still My Heart!’

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