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Just Got To Twinkle Tinker Bell By Artist Ron Dias Autographed Photo

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Once upon a time there was an artist born in a fabled land across the sea, who came to the mainland and began to dip his magical brushes into his paints of captivating colors. His name is Ron Dias and you have seen his work through the years as the fabulous illustrator of the Little Golden Books. And now you see his work in this 8" x 10" glossy reproduction featuring Tinker Bell.

Over and over, Ron has been tapped by Disney and Disneyland to produce matchless art pieces for the park and the studio. One such is the 45th Anniversary Commemorative of Sleeping Beauty titled, The Royal Waltz. Another litho was the best seller, Snow White at the well named, The Wishing Well.

It was at a Collector's Show in the large ballroom in Anaheim and I was meeting and signing for some of the wonderful people attending. I decided to take a break and see all the movie and animation (mostly Disney) memorabilia being displayed at other tables around the hall.

As I sauntered down an aisle, I spotted one table that was filled with beautiful art — but more than that, there were neat piles of Little Golden Books with titles like Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, and one stack of Peter Pan books. Emblazoned across the front of each book were the words Ron Dias, Illustrator. And, well, we got to talking and… well, that's how Ron Dias and I met. I am still enthralled by the talent of this man and by his sincerity and charm.

Weeks later, during which time we had become good buddies, Ron was contracted to do some mini posters for the marketing department of Disney and one of his assignments was to produce a sparkling Tinker Bell--the one you see above. The Disney project did not get as far as reproducing this exquisite rendering and it reverted back to Ron.

When I knew this special picture would be up on my website, I thought I had better ask him about Tink's image and the picture's background. Ron said the loveliest thing, "I didn't think of anything but making you, Margaret Kerry (who is Tinker Bell) happy." And he means it.

Some of the research Ron did for this Tinker Bell was to return to the model of Marc Davis, her original designer. Ron wanted to give her a fresh look while, at the same time, avoid the slanted eyes and the pointy ears of the later models. Tink is "on model" as the veteran collectors recognize.

"Look carefully behind her wings," Ron directed me, "and you see patches of dark to show that Tinker Bell's wings are beautiful and they are transparent. I made her a source of light by placing her, every so gently, on a gradated deep blue background with touches of pixie dust."

Ron continues, "We are aware of the leaf upon which she is touching down. It completes the picture but there is no doubt that Tink has been placed at the point of prominence to be admired."

Friends, I have never had to convince anyone who sees this picture that it is outstanding… And another reason this image is so special. It's one of the very few pieces of art that is personally signed by both the artist Ron Dias, Disney Artist, and the muse Margaret Kerry - "Tinker Bell" (That's me!).

A Certificate of Authenticity and a copy of this story will be included when you receive your signed photo.

©Tinkerbelltalks.com, all rights reserved.

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