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Think Tink Tinker Bell Autographed Photo

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Tinker Bell in this photo is a standout. With the simple, but lovely, lavendar background there is nothing to detract from her shapely figure and her "I'm in control here" attitude. This is a picture that allows you to write any scenario or any story your imagination can stir up. Who is she turning away from? What were they talking about? Is she going to get the refreshments or is she making a dramatic exit?

The title of the photo is "Think Tink!" It would be a good guess that little Miss Bell named the photo herself because we all know that "Think Tink!" pretty well sums up her way of thinking and yet...

Wasn't it Tinker Bell who courageously chose to drink the poison that Captain Hook had set out for Peter Pan and perhaps perish by doing so? Wasn't it Tink who, side-by-side with Jane, fought bravely to save Peter and the Lost Boys in the adventure story Return to Neverland? The pirates had kidnapped Jane and carried her off. They planned to annihilate Peter Pan as he tried to rescue her. The Jane I'm speaking of was the granddaughter of Wendy Moira Angela Darling so she was no friend of Tinker Bell's, yet Tink hung in there for high-minded reasons like loyalty and camaraderie.

Everyone knows that Miss Bell is a Tinker and she uses her remarkable talent for mending the pots and pans and anything else that is made of metal on the island. She loves it. However, Tinker Bell may not be as self-assured as she looks in the photo. Sometimes she has her doubts when she feels her hips may be a little too big, or Peter doesn't pay enough attention to her, or...

Friends, let's face it. One of the things we love about her is we're not sure just where she is going to jump next. Or what her mood is going to be. It's such fun to sit back and watch the excitement.

That is why I love the personally handwritten message you will find when you choose this photo for your collection; "Think Tink" followed by "Tinker Bell." I will add my personal signature, "Margaret Kerry", so as not be left out since I am the Disney reference model for Miss Bell, as well as her confidant.

A copy of this story will be included when you receive your signed photo. The photo will come with a Certificate of Authenticity, also signed by me, guaranteeing for a lifetime the authenticity of the autograph, or a full refund would be made.

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