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Tinker Bell's Gold Swirls Tinker Bell Autographed Photo

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Just when you think you have seen all sides and angles artists, bless 'em, get the urge to portray Tinker Bell in a slightly different fashion. In the case of this 8" x 10" glossy photo, Tink looks a little more mature than usual.

Perhaps it is the presentation with Tink on a dark blue background with swirls of gold pixie dust starting at the top of the photo and wending its way to the bottom right down to the pompoms on one of her little shoes.

It looks as if the other fairies have decided that Tinker Bell needed a special hairdo for this modeling job. Her beautiful blond hair is softer than she usually has it and the top knot is perched up in a more cocky angle than we are used to.

The artist has captured a look in her eyes that can be interpreted in several ways. Has she just flitted in, landed and is looking over the place? Is she thinking up some fun escapade or is she slightly perplexed? Or is she on a crusade?

This photo invites the viewer to fill-in-the-blanks for a story line. While parts of the brain are busy figuring a story line, another part of the mind is simply enjoying Tink's figure, her stance, and most of all, her attitude.

Since I am very involved with the little fairy I can usually read her body language. In this pose, given her crossed arms and her sideways glance, I say that she is slightly belligerent. Therefore, I came up with a suitable message. In gold ink I personally write, "Who says you have to grow up?" And I sign "Tinker Bell" below the message on this provocative photo. In another part of the photo, I then sign MY name, "Margaret Kerry".

And for those of you who haven't been paying attention, you may ask why my signature. Well, I was cast to perform Tinker Bell's antics for the film, Peter Pan. The 35mm camera kept rolling at the Disney Sound Stage as I did scene after scene under the direction of Tink's designer, the legendary artist/animator, Marc Davis. That film was assigned to different animators who drew Tink's actions based on my acting and prancing and besides...

Tink has never minded me signing before and the pen is just too big for her to handle.

A copy of this story will be included when you receive your signed photo. The photo will come with a Certificate of Authenticity, also signed by me, guaranteeing for a lifetime the authenticity of the autograph, or a full refund would be made.

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