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I Want It All & I Want It Delivered Tinker Bell Autographed Photo

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Why do you love Tinker Bell? It's a question that I ask at many of the shows where I have the opportunity to meet people and sign autographs. There is usually a pause and then the answer - I like her attitude. Well, that's a good answer as far as it goes.

Next question, Can you tell me what her attitude is? There is a longer pause followed by a little hemming and hawing and then a tentative chuckle. I admit, it's hard to pinpoint.

When I received this 8" x 10" photo I thought that everything about it said ATTITUDE. Tink is having a good time. We can see that by the sparkle in her eyes and the tilt of her head. She's planning to get away with something. So, for good measure, she has placed her hand on her hip, fingertips down, in a most feminine pose.

At first, I thought that the message she was conveying was, Come hither, handsome! But that's not Tinker Bell. No, it was not raging hormones. I don't think Tink was out to make a conquest in that manner. But then, what was it?

Parts of her looks are very demur with the hair piled perkily on high. Even her wings, here seen in an almost translucent blue, are at rest. Her little green outfit is smooth and contoured. She stands before an impressionistic background that starts in light blue color with a few scattered stars. Below her wings, if you look closely, you can pick out a few imaginary mountains in mauve and lavenders. It then turns into a design featuring dark puce and blue grays. There are no clues to her attitude in the background. It is there to set off and feature the captivating little pixie, herself.

One day I took the photo out and really focused on its secret. I had put it away but it would pop back into my mind and I'd been pondering. That day, making sure no one was watching me, I actually asked the photo a question, What do you want, Tink? No, I did not expect to hear voices but the perfect answer suddenly rattled around in my head.

"I want it all AND I want it delivered!" It's the essence of a major facet of Tinker Bell. And that, gentle reader, is what I hand wrote for the preprinted message followed by Tinker Bell. Since I am the Disney reference model for Tinker Bell and speak in her behalf -- on each photo, I personally hand write my name, Margaret Kerry.

Now, when you get this photo you are in the "know"! Feel special? Of course you do.

A Certificate of Authenticity and a copy of this story will be included when you receive your signed photo.

©Tinkerbelltalks.com, all rights reserved.

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