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Head For The Stars Tinker Bell Autographed Photo

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I wish I had had this photo framed and up on my wall at my home in Hollywood as I was growing up. What an inspiration it would have been for me.

Since the age of four, after Mr. And Mrs. Robb adopted me, I have worked in the entertainment business. My mother was one of the infamous "Hollywood Mothers" who was always running around trying to get their little darlings into a new movie or stage play. Often, a child actor could make more money a day than daddy did. There was a gaping difference between the other mothers and mine. My mother never really got the hang of the business. There are ins-and-outs to all professions, but the world of entertainment is particularly complex. Mother was overwhelmed by "complex."

The kids who were growing up and competing in show business were expected to act, even at four or five, as if our real age was 32 or 33, quiet and attentive. Seldom if ever did we hear a word of praise. It was the fashion to let us know that we always fell short of perfection. We didn't smile enough at the director or we had flubbed our lines in the scene and had embarrassed our long-suffering parent.

Not many of us had the dynamics of the business explained to us, mostly I suspect, because the mothers didn't know what was going on either. There were mothers who figured it out but not my mother. She was 53 years old when she adopted me and was older than the other mothers. Grace Robb was from the "old school" where women weren't supposed to ask questions or, for that matter, even think.

Head for the Stars! What a marvelous message on this luminous photo of Tinker Bell. I'm sure my life would have been very different if my mother had said: "You head for the stars! You can make it, I know you can." I realized years later she was the one who wanted to be somebody. She played the violin like an angel and her teenage dream was to be the violin-soloist with a symphony orchestra. Later, I truly learned to love that lady.

There are people today who need this message. That's why I personally write "Head for the Stars" on each photo and sign "Tinker Bell." Believe in yourself and be reminded that you can get there if you head for the stars. As I personally sign my name, "Margaret Kerry", below the message and Tink's name, I always hope that this delectable photo of Tinker Bell and its message will enrich lives of those who have it as their own.

The photo will come with a Certificate of Authenticity, also signed by me, guaranteeing for a lifetime the authenticity of the autograph, or a full refund would be made.

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