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Tinker Bell Mischievous By Jim Salvati LE Hand Painted Glass Fine Art 7 1/2"x8 1/2"

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SKU: 204-28


This is a 7 1/2" x 8 1/2" limited edition, hand-painted, fine art glass piece by Jim Salvati. The edition size is 195. This item comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Collectors Editions, the publisher of Disney Fine Art.

**As a special bonus, we are offering FREE SHIPPING within the U.S. on this item, plus you will receive an autographed photo or card (whichever you choose) signed by Margaret Kerry, Disney's original, live action reference model for Tinker Bell in the 1953 film classic, Peter Pan. It would come with a Certificate of Authenticity issued by TinkerBellTalks.

For international customers that are interested in this product, please call for a shipping cost prior to making a purchase.

About the artist:
Jim Salvati has been a prolific artist for movie studios and theaters, with a client list that includes Disney, Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, Paramount Pictures and Radio City Music Hall. He was the master illustrator and conceptual artist behind many of the memorable images and finished paintings associated with the "Harry Potter" films.

About Disney Fine Art Glass:
Combining ancient techniques of incredible skill and craftsmanship with the timeless magic of Disney storytelling, Disney Fine Art Glass is a collection of fine art sculptures unlike any other. Each piece is hand cut and shaped out of optical crystal glass; no molds of any kind are used. The center of each piece is bored out from the bottom and hand painted from the inside using a very tiny specialized brush which holds a few strands of wolf's hair. Master Inside Painters utilize a technique passed down through generations of artists where each inside painting is created one by one, color by color, upside down and backward so that what's visible from the front is a remarkable representation of the Disney Fine Art painting that served as its inspiration. No templates or decals of any kind are used to create each inside painting; therefore every single one is a unique, handcrafted work of art.

Whether you are a gallery, museum, or private collector, these heirloom quality masterpieces will bring wonder to all your guests when you share with them one unfathomable fact – Each piece of Disney Fine Art Glass is completely hand made and is painted with a tiny brush.

Exquisitely packaged in a beautiful presentation box, each limited edition piece includes a certificate of authenticity and a real wolf’s hair brush, similar to the ones used in its creation. All so that they story of how these amazing pieces come to life can be shared among friends, family and passed down to be enjoyed for generations.

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